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The Woodland Park Zoo has welcome eight now chicks to the Humboldt penguin colony. Since the zoo opened the exhibit in 2009, 32 penguins have hatched.

This chick, featured on the zoo's blog, was born April 27 to 13-year-old father Pizarron and 3-year-old mother Maria. Maria was born at the zoo in 2010 and turned three just days before the chick hatched.

The new hatchlings won't join the colony on exhibit until later this summer. For now they are in nesting burrows under the care of their parents.

Zoo keepers let the parents handle most of the chicks' care, tracking health with regular weigh-ins.

This chick's parents are providing great care. While this is Pizarron and Maria's first chick together, he is an experienced father who is teaching Maria how to care for the little one.

Humboldt penguins are endangered, so these eight now penguins chicks are welcomed additions to the Woodland Park Zoo family.

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