The Washington State Supreme Court said in a ruling today that the recall of the City of Pacific Mayor Cy Sun can move forward.

The court said two charges were adequate for submitting to the voters. First, that Sun attempted to use the Pacific police as his personal police force. Second, that he jeopardized the city's liability insurance coverage by not filling vacant positions in the city government.

Sun previously filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, appealing the recall petition.

Today mayor Cy Sun seemed unbothered by the ruling.

I know it's the people's choice, he said. The people voted me in, they can keep me in, or they can throw me out, either one.

Recall supporters printed out recall petitions Thursday, ready to collect signatures on Friday.

Today has been a long time coming, said Jim Pickett, who is on the recall committee. Get this show on the road, get Pacific in solid hands again.

Sun says he fought the recall on principal: his opponents called him a liar.

You crossed the line, now you're going to pay for it, Sun said about his opponents. That's the reason I took them to the [state] supreme court. Imade them put their money where their mouth is.

Sun claims to have personally spent 130 thousand dollars in attorneys fees defending himself as mayor in a number of legal battles, including a suit filed against him this week by officers in his department. Three of them he has placed on administrative leave.

In the suit, the plaintiffs accuse him of threatening them, quoting Sun saying they better watch out and that I kill my enemies.

The only death threat I did was when I was on the battlefield, said Sun.

Sun has been at the center of controversy since being elected in 2012. He fired a slew of city workers in the name of reform, and at one point was arrested by his own police officers for trying to break in to the city clerk s office.

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