An Enumclaw homeowner shot and killed an intruder on Monday afternoon.

The King County Sheriff's Office says the homeowner interrupted a burglary.

He's pretty upset, especially when you have a person lying on your front porch dead, said Sgt. Cindi West with the King County Sheriff's Office.

Early Monday afternoon, the victim and his wife arived home to find two men inside. So the homeowner found his shotgun.

The homeowner fired shots; there's one man, one of the suspects, dead at the scene here, said West.

The victim's daughter ran to the home to check on her dad. The body of one of the suspected intruders, described as a man in his 50s, was still in the front yard.

The other one jumped into a family members car and fled. the homeowner shot at that vehicle. Apparently the homewoner thinks that one might be wounded too, said West.

Norm Heath lives just up this gravel road turned crime scene. Living up here is his great escape, something he knows can also make these homes targets for thieves.

You've got to protect yourself, he said.

Heath's home was robbed a few years ago.

You're up in the woods like this and you live out in the outback like this place, you know, you better be thinking, he said.

Heath admits he owns firearms to protect his home and himself.

You don't want to be out here without any defense. .

Police are still looking for the second suspect, a man believed to be driving the victim's 2002 gray Ford Explorer, license plate 249ZCL. The homeowner tells police he shot out the passenger side window of the vehicle and says he may have wounded the suspect.

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