SEATTLE -- He s unassuming and slight in person. His clothes are neat and clean.

Yet, Sree Sreenivasan stood on a stage Monday night at the UW Husky Union Building, tapping his toes to Guns N Roses, a band he described as old people s music.

That is the way of a man, who is a rock star, in the world of social media.

Sreenivasan, the Chief Digital Officer at Columbia University, was in town for what he called a Social Media One-Night Stand on best practices for the platform and the future of the medium.He s been published or cited by CNET, the Poynter Institute, Newsweek, and multiple television networks.

But he s known by many simply for his twitter handle @sree.

There is a lot going on in social media right now, said Sreenivasan, prior to his presentation, which was sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists, the Asian American Journalists Association, the Seattle Times, and UW.

It seems like every month Facebook is doing something new, said Sreenivasan about the social media giant. There is talk of what we call some Facebook fatigue, certainly in America it seems like some sort of plateau has been hit.

Sreenivasan says websites like Rebel Mouse are good for managing all social media streams. He also enjoy sites that tout themselves as Twitter for Video like Vine and Tout.

The frequent traveler also sees great potential in apps like TripIt for travel planning, and DarkSky for weather.

It tells you where you re going to see rain or snow, based on where you re standing in the next hour, nothing else, said Sreenivasan.

Sreenivasan says he advises people to take is slow, even in the fast paced world.

Think about optimizing your presence on the existing ones first, he said. Be an early tester, late adopter of technology.

Here's a link to Sreenivasan's social media guide and a guide for Twitter newbies.
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