Mixing prints can be a little daunting. Sure, we see celebs doing it all the time, but how do we know if throwing together floral and stripes is really the best decision? Our New Day stylist, Darcy Camden, is here to help us sort it all out.

Rule's for mixing prints:

RULE #1:Keep it all in the (color!) family. Choose prints that have similar colors, but different composition. Repeat 2 to three colors throughout your outfit.

RULE #2:Mix different scales. Choose one print that has a smaller/tighter scale and one that is larger and more open.

RULE #3:Keep the shapes simple. Opt for classic and fitted clothing silhouettes. Avoid wild, drapey, baggy or a-symmetrical clothing.

RULE #4: Avoid over-accessorizing when you're mixing prints.

Stick to one statement accessory, if anything.

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