Oregon Zookeepers have chosen a name for the zoo's new otter pup. The pup will be called Molalla, or Mo for short, named after the Oregon river.

A lot of North American zoo animals get their names from nations or cultures associated with their native habitats, said Julie Christie, senior keeper for the zoo's North America area. For the river otters, we like to choose names based on local waterways.

Mo's mom is Tilly -- after the Tillamook River. The pair are still in a private maternity den.

Tilly was found orphaned near Johnson Creek in 2009. She was about 4 months old, had been wounded by an animal attack and was seriously malnourished. Once her health had stabilized, Tilly came to the Oregon Zoo in a transfer facilitated by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, which oversees the species' protection.

Keepers are baby-proofing the otter exhibit and hope to introduce Mo in a few weeks.

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