When you think of weddings what's the first word that comes to mind? Maybe love? But when we posed this question to viewers online, we found for many couples and their attendees, the answer is stress.

I think there is stress and concern about everything, said Yuko Inoue, Seattle bride-to-be. I think the reason we planned so far out is obviously for a financial perspective you want to do the best to save.

I have a list, this long of weddings invitations, so we have to coordinate calendars, said Robin Rucinsky, a brand new bride. A lot of them are destination weddings, which can be kind of pricey, so you have to pick and choose where you want to go.

The price of throwing or attending a wedding is a big part of that stress. We found a free website created by a Seattle company called that helps you save money.

Another stressful part of throwing a wedding: planning. You've probably heard of Pinterest, but do you know about their secret wedding boards?

Robin planned her wedding online using Pinterest s secret wedding boards.

I got to pin these ideas and make cool boards, but none of my followers knew what I was doing, and I had this destination wedding and it looked so put together for such a quick turnaround, said Robin.

But the important thing to remember is stress will come and go it s the memories that will last forever.

I really want my friends and family to have a good time, said Yuko. Our friends and family mean everything to us. To have them all be in one room together and see our lives come together is a huge deal.

We asked KING 5 viewers for their best wedding advice and received a lot of great tips. Here are a few of their comments:

How do you fit working out into your busy schedule? Let us know what app you re using to stay fit on Facebook. We ll tackle this topic on our next Connect with Jenni Hogan segment on Tuesday.

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