A private flying club called Arrow is being launched in Seattle and membership is filling up.

If you join the club, you take off in the Piaggio Avanti II, known as the Ferrari in the sky.

There will be two round trips daily between Seattle and the Bay Area.

We're not about luxury, elite, keeping up with the Kardashians. We're for people who want to get where they're going fast and quickly, said Arrow founder Russell Belden.

The Arrow club mantra: Time is money.

Filter, a Seattle digital solutions company with offices along the West Coast, signed up for Arrow membership. Filter's sales staff travels to Silicon Valley several times a week.

This way they can get to an airport at 8:30 in the morning and be there, get a full day in and come home, said Filter CEO, Kristin Knight.

You're going to come through the front door of the King County Airport terminal building, and you're going to take a 30-second walk out of the back door, where your high speed aircraft is waiting, said Tom Tilson of Kenmore Air.

Arrow is partnering with Kenmore Air, which will hire the pilots and be the scheduled carrier.

A company, like Filter, pays $500 a month for membership. A round trip ticket to the Bay Area is around $1,000, slightly higher than a First Class ticket.

It's like $150 more, and it's worth it, said Knight.

Arrow is about to start advertising for members in the Bay Area and is already considering extending service from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

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