Police arrested a suspect after he stole a woman's purse in Seattle's Roosevelt neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

The arrest comes after five similar attacks in North Seattle neighborhoods in the past two weeks. Seattle Police detectives are investigating whether the cases may be connected.

Around 1:30 p.m., police received a report that a man in a windbreaker had cut a woman's purse off her arm near Northeast 71st and Roosevelt Way Northeast. The suspect reportedly fled through the yards of several nearby homes.

Police caught and arrested the man.

The five robberies from earlier this month are:
- February 2nd, a 91-year-old woman reports a man armed with a knife stole her purse outside her house near Northeast 75th and 39th Northeast
- February 14th, a 77-year-old man is robbed by a man with a knife who cuts the victims back pocket open to steal his wallet near Northeast 60th and 35th Northeast
- On February 20th, a robber cut off the strap of a woman's purse near Northeast 72nd and Roosevelt Way Northeast
- A half hour later, on February 20th, a robber armed with a box cutter sliced the strap of a woman's purse near Northeast 65th and 35th Northeast, cutting the woman's hand in the process
- February 25th, a man grabbed a woman's purse from her shoulder as she walked near Northeast 75th and 35th Northeast

All the robberies, including today's, took place between 2 and 3 in the afternoon.

Detectives will interview the suspect from today's incident at Seattle Police Headquarters.

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