Former beauty queen Peggy Sue Thomas, her crown forever broken, suffered an ugly verbal beat down today as she prepared to head to prison.

I hope it will be a living hell for you, said Jim Douglas, the victim's father. Truly, Miss Thomas, you are the most despicable of human species.

Thomas, who won the title of Ms. Washington in 2000, was sentenced to the maximum four years in prison for rendering criminal assistance in the first degree.

She lured a friend s husband, Russel Douglas, to his death on a remote Whidbey Island road a few days after Christmas in 2003, saying she had a gift for his wife.

Instead, he was met by Jim Huden, a total stranger, who shot Douglas between the eyes. Prosecutors have connected everything from a life insurance scam, revenge from an angry wife, even Huden's reputed bucket list wish for a thrill kill as possible motives for the murder.

Conspicuously absent from the court hearing was Brenna Douglas, the victim s estranged wife, who stopped cooperating with investigators shortly after the murder. Island County prosecutor Greg Banks says the case on Brenna is not completely closed.

Huden hid out for years in Mexico before being captured and convicted. He is currently serving 80 years for the murder, but refused to testify against Thomas, his one-time mistress.

During the sentencing hearing Douglas s family members addressed Thomas. His step-father Bob O Neal urged her to tell what she knows.

If you wanted to do something, you'd get up and tell the truth to everybody and let this fiasco move on, he said.

Judge Alan Hancock also urged Thomas to tell all, saying, If Miss Thomas does not tell everything she knows then it is only just that she be tormented the rest of her life.

Thomas sat silent, however, her two daughters crying in the courtroom. She looked away as she was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs, a very unglamorous face to her beauty pageant persona.

In a few short days you'll be placed in a shark tank as a piece of fresh meat, said Jim Douglas. I'm sure they will appreciate all that fine plastic surgery.

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