A highly anticipated show opens at the ACT Theatre this week. These Streets is an original piece of theatre based on more than forty interviews with Seattle women who helped to create the music known as grunge. We haven't heard their stories before, but these women were a powerful force on the Seattle music scene, and in the show, we finally get to know them through original music and music from the era. It is a gritty, fun and powerful fictional story where the characters' past and present lives collide with their past and present music. The show is filled with music from that era and is all played and sung by the performers and a live band.

The creators of These Streets, Sarah Rudinoff and Gretta Harley, are here to give us a preview of what we can expect from this original show.

These Streets runs from February 21st till March 10th at the Falls Theatre.

For more information on These Streets, click HERE.

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