Now that Seattle is lowering parking rates in the International District, restaurant owners in other neighborhoods want their rates lowered too.

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn has agreed to lower parking rates in the International District/Chinatown after restaurant owners complained to City Hall.

Because there are empty parking spots in the heart of the International District, next month rates will drop from $2.50 to $1.50 an hour.

The International District? What about Belltown? We need some help in Belltown with parking, said Lori Garnes, manager at Le Vita E Bella in Belltown.

That cry is coming from other Seattle neighborhoods with expensive $4.00 an hour parking.

In Belltown and Capitol Hill, restaurant owners have asked City Hall for parking relief.

Capitol Hill is getting killed with parking. That's an on-going complaint, said Kristen Johnson, manager of La Spiga on Capitol Hill. People get frustrated. They can only go around the block. How many times before they give up finding parking?

Mayor McGinn said parking rate changes in the International District were based on data. McGinn said the rates fluctuate, depending on demand.

We'll go out and measure how heavily the parking spaces are being used and if they're being used heavily, then we'll probably keep it the way it is, said McGinn.

Which neighborhood will be next for parking rate reduction? The city just completed its annual neighborhood parking survey. The results are due out in a few weeks.

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