The Pacific Northwest is known for its fabulous seafood. Celebrity Chef Ethan Stowell shows Christie Johnson how to make an amazing seafood dish with love for Valentine s Day.

Scrub the shell and shuck oysters
Spoon mignonette sauce over top of the oysters

Diced shallots (x2)
Champagne vinegar
Black pepper

Boil geoduck for 30 secs then place into ice bath
Peel the skin off the syphon
Slice into small pieces
Thinly slice Fresno chilies
Thinly slice Persian cucumber
Mix together
Cover with olive oil, lime juice, and salt and pepper
Mix together
Plate and serve over top of pureed avocado

Sear the scallops
Sautee baby artichokes and Taggiasca Olives
Add flat leaf parsley and fresh oregano and lemon juice
Plate and serve underneath scallops

On Valentine's Day, Chef Stowell is opening a new restaurant on Capitol Hill called Bar Cotto. Visit the restaurants' Facebook page for more information.

For more about Chef Stowell and his other restaurants, visit his website.

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