SUMNER, Wash. Tara Walrath is no stranger to hand cramps.

Over the past several weeks, she has gradually drawn 800 flowers on tiny pieces of paper one for each girl attending Sumner High School.

If one of my flowers could be an inspiration to one person, that I m willing to draw 800 for that one person, Walrath said, sketching flowers at her kitchen counter.

The idea came to her last October after a conversation with a classmate who was upset because no one had ever asked her to the Homecoming dance or given her a flower.

It really touched my heart, Walrath said. I ve never really gotten any flowers for Valentine s Day and I thought, every girl deserves a flower.

So she started drawing with the goal of delivering her flowers on Valentine s Day.

It was a slow, arduous process. She drew seven varieties of flowers each one taking anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes, depending on the level of detail.

After a while, I go insane, she said.

By Thursday morning, she had reached her goal. With help from a few guys, her handpicked cupids, Walrath had the flowers delivered to every classroom in the school.

She pre-recorded a message that played during the morning announcements.

You are beautiful, the message said. You all deserve a flower.

Then teachers handed out the drawings to all the girls in their classrooms.

Made my day, one girl said.

I love them, another girl told Walrath while passing her in the hallway.

Felicia Sathern had actually talked about flowers with Walrath on Wednesday.

I was like, I wish I could get a flower for Valentine s Day, Sathern said. And [Walrath s] like, Oh, you will, don t worry.

When it was all said and done, Walrath took a deep breath.

I feel like Santa Claus after Christmas, she said.

It is unclear if Walrath, a junior, while try to replicate her feat next year. For now, she just wants to rest her mind and her hand.

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