SEATTLE - In between physical therapy and doctor appointments, Jaime and Steven Mayer took time to talk about their slow recovery because of what happened on Dec. 21.

I don't remember the accident at all. We've been told a tree hit the car, said Jaime.

Nearly seven weeks ago, Jaime and Steven were with her parents, Tim Owen and Cheryl Reed, and her adult siblings, Jeremy and Jessie. The family had been traveling on Highway 2 on their way to Leavenworth when a tree suddenly fell on top of their Chevy Tahoe.

Jeremy was the only one who managed to walk away.

Experiencing it was really difficult. I can only imagine what it was like for him. The feeling of helplessness is awful, said Jaime.

Tim and Cheryl did not survive.

Jessie was left paralyzed from the shoulders down, but the 6th grade teacher is determined to walk again.

She astonishes all of us. She makes mini miracles happen every week. We are proud of her, said Jaime.

Jaime and Steven still suffer from several broken bones and they are not able to walk on their own, yet. The couple are able to share a room at a skilled nursing facility in North Seattle.

It is a terrible thing that we are both in here, but I am glad we are in here together, said Steven.

They have been together for more than six years after a chance meeting through an online video game site.

It really wasn't supposed to be a romantic thing. Really just a platonic, friend thing, said Steven.

However, the Internet connection turned into a love connection. The couple was married a year and a half ago. Now they are facing their toughest challenge.

Emotionally, it is never going to be the same, said Jaime. Defining our new normal is probably going to be the biggest thing.

While Jessie Owen, Jaime Owen Mayer, and Steven Mayer have insurance, they anticipate lots of bills that will last for many years. To help, family and friends have set up a fund to assist them. Learn more on how to help here.

Karen Koehler is a representative for the family, and she wants to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the accident on December 21, 2012. You can email her at

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