SEATTLE - Seattle police expressed concerns about a new nightclub because they are worried it will bring up old problems in the SoDo neighborhood.

In the 2900 block of 1st Avenue South there is a sign on a building that says: Aston Manor, Coming Soon.

The city of Seattle opposed the business' request for a liquor license, according to a letter that was sent to the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

In the letter, Assistant Seattle Police Chief Mike Sanford stated that Robert Frey, one of the people behind the proposed site, is also connected to the now closed MunchBar of Bellevue.

Bellevue police swarmed the MunchBar early Christmas Eve morning after 911 calls about gun shots. DeShawn Milliken was shot and killed. A 19-year-old suspect is now in custody.

The incident is among the more than 400 calls for service that the Bellevue Police Department received for the MunchBar since it opened in 2011, according to the letter.

MunchBar closed down shortly after the shooting.

Police called it a public safety risk for Aston Manor to move into Seattle's SoDo neighborhood.

The location of Aston Manor is one that proved to be a problem for police in the past because of Republiq, the last club that claimed the spot. Between 2011 and 2012, police responded to numerous calls including a fatal shooting at Republiq.

Down the street from where Aston Manor is slated to move in, the SoDo deli welcomed new neighbors. Owners Tim Ruddock and Jann Vanover said they have been asking around about Aston Manor.

It sounds like a whole different crowd, a whole different venue, said Vanover.

I think the owners of the building have it under control. If they think they are bad they will throw them out, said Ruddock

A message to Robert Frey was not immediately returned. A man who said he will be a manager at Aston Manor when it opens claimed the establishment has no ties to the MunchBar.

The Liquor Control Board is still evaluating this case.
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