While teachers at Garfield High School continue to boycott the standardized Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test, the school district stepped in Tuesday and pulled students out of class to take the test.

Teachers said their own administrators have been ordered by the district to identify students who have not opted out of the test and give it to them.

MAP is a computerized test that tracks student progress. Critics argue it does not develop student learning and is a waste of resources and instruction time. The claim that libraries and computer labs will be unavailable to students for three weeks due to testing.

Video:What do Garfield students think about it?

It's so disrespectful for the district to come in and try to divide a tight knit Garfield community but we won't let it happen. We stand by our administrators we know they're being pressured by the school district to do this move, said teacher Jessie Hagopian.

I find it's a mistake on the superintendent's part here. The teachers know what's best. They know what they kids need. To listen to the teachers would be the right thing to do here, said parent Kirk Wohlers.

Superintendent Jose Banda released a statement to the Garfield staff Tuesday, saying he asked schools to proceed with administering the test.

While I feel the teachers at Garfield are sincere in their efforts to postpone the administration of the MAP, I also have a strong obligation to the students and parents of this school district to ensure we are measuring student progress in a consistent manner across all schools, said Banda.

KING 5's Travis Pittman contributed to this report

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