Seattle has more dogs than children. We ve practically become famous for it. OK, not as famous as we are for coffee or rain, but still. The nation has certainly taken notice. Our canine-to-kid ratio has been written about in USA Today, The New York Times even the National Post of Canada.

It s not just out-of-towners. Seattleites find it fascinating that we have more dogs than kids, too. The fact has reverberated through the local media since at least 1997, when The Seattle Times first noted that the scales had tipped in favor of dogs here. And it shows no signs of abating; just last year, public radio station KPLU devoted a segment to the phenomenon. Seems like we never tire of talking about it.

But it s high time we stopped. I m calling for a moratorium on the more-dogs-than-kids thing. Why? Let me explain.

Read the rest of Gene Balk's story in the Seattle Times.

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