A bit of Seattle history may be brought out of storage.

As part of the city's remodel of the central waterfront, the old trolley line may roll again.

They could use a good dusting off. Five antique trolley cars sit in a SODO warehouse. Now the city is conducting a study whether to put the old cars into use again to move people along the waterfront.

To bring them up and down all the way from Coleman Docks, to the Sculpture Gardens, to Pioneer Square. So, we need transportation that is parallel to the water, said Peter Hahn, director of the Seattle Department of Transportation.

The trolley, a waterfront attraction, stopped service in 2005, after the line's maintenance barn was removed to make room for the Sculpture Park.

Bringing back the trolley line may be part of the billion dollar waterfront remake, once the Alaskan Way Viaduct is torn down.

The vision is to possibly connect it to the First Hill Trolley line which will run from Capitol Hill to Pioneer Square.

The city will get the results of its trolley study by March or April.

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