An 82-year-old man was found murdered in his own home in Marysville Thursday night, leaving a long trail of questions.

The victim's grandson discovered the body after stopping by to say hi at the man's home. KING 5 has learned there may have been more than one person who wanted the senior citizen dead, for a variety of reasons - among them, the fact he was a convicted sex offender.

Arthur Schroeder was a complicated man, a man who largely just wanted to go fishing and be left alone. But trouble came his way - someone apparently stabbed him to death inside his home at the Brookside Mobile Home Park in Marysville.

The place had been ransacked. The body had been there for days and was discovered Thursday night by his grandson, Rory, who ran home to tell his mom, Bobby Schroeder.

Personally, right now, I am a little numb to the whole thing, she said.

She said in recent years, her father told her If I turn up dead, this is who did it, but he never elaborated.

Art Schroder had a troubled past, serving 20 years in prison for having sex with underrage girls in the 1980s. He had been out of prison just over eight years.

His estranged daughter can't help but wonder if the sins of her father have come back to haunt him.

He wasn't a very well-liked man in Marysville for those particular reasons. It's a possibility, said Bobby Schroeder.

What she believes is more likely, however, is a motive much more mundane: robbery. Schroeder wasn't very discreet about his possessions. Sometimes showing off valuable coins he collected. And he didn't believe in banks.

He was real old school and believed in having money stored everywhere, just in case. He told me he had it hidden all over his trailer, said Bobby.

As the mystery deepens, the situation grows particularly painful for Rory, who had been trying to establish a relationship with his grandfather despite the ugly past, only to see it come to an ugly end.

Yeah, it's sad to see him go this way, said Rory.

Police say they have no suspects, but they are looking for Schroeder s stolen truck, a champagne colored, 2006 Chevy Colorado, WA license plate B03681A.

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