SEATTLE - People who work to keep teens away from drugs said marijuana has become a regular topic of conversation at the WAPI Community Center.

Mic Flont works in drug prevention and said, because we are a treatment center we have youth that have problems with it.

Recently, young people have had questions about it, according to drug counselor Linzy Burton.

Burton said he's often asked, it is legal now, so why is it a problem?

In November, Washington voters decided marijuana should be legal for people 21 and over.

Le'Aaron Jones is only 18, but he said he still has concerns.

It's legal now. It is the cool thing to do, Jones said. But on the other hand, it influences people like my little nephew and my brother.

At the youth center, teens have raised questions about how the law will be carried out and enforced. Similar questions were asked Thursday night at Seattle City Hall.

The Liquor Control Board hosted a public forum. The state has made it clear that they are still figuring out what legalization will look like, and youth leaders are still figuring out how to explain it to their teens
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