KING5 Morning News anchors Mark Wright and JoyceTaylor made a bet with their counterparts at WXIAin Atlanta to wear Falcons jerseys if the Seahawks lost their playoff game last Sunday. Well, that's what happened, but the folks in Atlanta were really nice about it and let Mark and Joyce off the hook.

Not so fast. AKING5 viewer contacted Joyce on Facebook and said a bet is a bet. He also asked what a stand-up, classy guy like Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson would do.

So, Mark and Joyce paid up Thursday morning, donning Matt Ryan jerseys on the air.

Here was the entire letter from Ken Burns to Joyce:

Joyce - About the bet!!! Today I am still a wreck about the Seahawks loss and will be at least until the first regular season game next year. I watched the conversation with the ATL team and I thought What would Russell Wilson do? . The bet was that the losing team would wear on-air the opposing teams Jersey and to that end that is what the payment should be. The standup thing to do is to go out, purchase the ATL Jersey and wear it for a segment of which you call those folks back up and share with them the fact you did it. That is how we should represent the City and the Seahawks as they have played all year with Style, Grace, and integrity. BTW been watching you for years and love how you report the news!! GO HAWKS!!!!

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