Pro football player turned fitness guru Anthony McClanahan can sneak in a workout anywhere and at any time.

Any place that you have an opportunity to train, that's your gym, said McClanahan with 41 Sports Fitness Boot Camp.

McClanahan doesn't just work out like an athlete in training, he eats like one, too.

I tell my clients you ve got to have five to six meals daily and they have to be small portioned. You have to eat just enough to get you through the next two hours, said McClanahan.

He says you can find nutrition no matter where you go. Evening Magazine challenged him to resist temptation and eat healthy at Don's Restaurant in Marysville, home of the country friend steak breakfast for more than 40 years.

Don's a big part of the community, said restaurant manager Cami Anderson. Our biscuits and gravy are very, very popular.

Also on the menu are hash browns, bacon burgers and French toast buried in syrup.

Evening Magazine asked McClanahan if he could turn Don's Restaurant, which is a classic diner, into a health food restaurant.

McClanahan replied, no problem.

I can turn any restaurant, and especially Don's Restaurant, into a health food restaurant, said McClanahan. I'm ready to do it right now because I'm getting hungry.

Evening Magazine watched as McClanahan performed a little magic with the menu and explained how to do it.

We could do a BLT with turkey. Cut the bacon out of it. Just go with the turkey, the lettuce, and tomato. No bread. No bacon.

To replace the bread, McClanahan suggested wrapping it in a tortilla. The TLT has fewer than 200 calories.

Next on the menu: a green salad with chicken. Again, McClanahan, made it healthy.

It comes with garlic toast, but we're going to scratch the garlic toast. We're going to cut the croutons out of it and that's a healthy salad, said McClanahan.

The calories are usually hidden in the dressing, so McClanahan asks for a side of lemons.

Finally, there's the Chicken Supreme on the menu. McClanahan nixes the bread right away.

We're gonna cut the cheese out and ham. On a bun, basically we're going chicken, lettuce and tomato and taking that mayonnaise completely out, he said.

When Evening Magazine tried the TLT, they found not only did it taste good, it felt good for you: high protein, low calories - food that fuels the body.

McClanahan agrees. This is healthy living at its finest.

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