Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson said Wednesday that he will do everything possible to keep the NBA's Kings in the city, something plenty of fans in Califoria's capital city say they want.

With all due respect, we don't want to see the team to go Seattle. You've got enough going on up there, you've got your football, you've got your baseball, you've got soccer, you've got UW. We don't have nothing, said R.E. Graswich, who worked with Mayor Johnson on a deal to keep the team in Sacramento.

Just a year ago, Johnson negotiated a $391 million deal to build a new arena that would keep the team in his city. But the Maloof family, the Kings' owners, backed out at the last second.

We had a deal, and of course the Maloofs walked away from that deal, which broke a lot of hearts in Sacramento, Graswich said.

Graswich said he thinks Seattle's chance of landing the Kings is only about 50-50. Why?

When you're dealing with the Maloofs, there's only one thing you can count on, and that's that you can't count on anything, he said.

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