It s not going to get any cheaper for Seattle Seahawks fans who still plan to follow their team on the road in the playoffs this Sunday in Atlanta.

The Seahawks' official travel partner,, has Seahawks-Falcons game packages that include upper-level endzone tickets, a gift card for food and beverages before and during the game, and a one-night hotel stay this Saturday. A single package is $795 per person. It goes down to $640 each for two people, $590 each for three people and $565 each for four.

Tickets are also available on the secondary market, but experts recommend you make sure you have your ticket in hand before you fly out so you can verify the legitimacy of the tickets.

StubHub has tickets for as low as $77.50 for upper-level end zone seats. An endzone seat in Row 1 will cost you $3,800.

You can also check the NFL s official ticket exchange website.

But all that doesn t include the cost of actually getting to Atlanta. On Monday morning the cheapest round trip flight leaving Saturday and returning late Sunday was $988.69. That likely will only go up as demand increases as the weekend moves closer. (It included a 1-stop flight to Atlanta and a non-stop flight back to Seattle.)

Some non-stop flights to Atlanta were still available, but the prices were significantly higher.

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