A video of an eagle apparently snatching a small child from a park is a fake, created by design students at The National Animation and Design (Centre NAD) in Montreal.

The YouTube video posted on Dec. 18 quickly went viral, and has been viewed more than 10 million times.

A statement posted on the Centre NAD website explains that the video Golden Eagle Snatches Kid was produced by animation and digital design students at the NAD Centre in the course Simulation Workshop Production.

The statement says the child and the eagle were created in 3D animation then integrated into a real scene.

The school says the course is aimed at creative projects according to the criteria of quality and production industry practice while developing the ability to work as a team.

They say hoaxes produced in the course have been posted on YouTube before, including video of a penguin escaping the Biodome.

Comments on the Centre NAD website revealed that not everyone thought the hoax was funny. Several people who claim to work with raptors were angry about the misinformation the video conveyed, including the fact that the bird in the video is not a Golden Eagle.

One person said they had do do a lot of damage control, reassuring anxious people that eagles are not going to snatch their kids and telling them that this video is fake.

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