SEATTLE -- Sunday same sex couples will legally be able to wed, but many of them have had just a month to plan the marriage ceremony.

Sue Hopkins and Marji Lynn are in that category. They have known each other for more than thirty years. For the last 16-years they have been a couple. Sunday they will marry.

Marji proposed to Sue right after election day when Washington approved R74, allowing same sex marriage. They've had years to dream about their wedding but only days to prepare, according to Lynn.

I think truly we never expected that this would happen, said Hopkins.

They are among the140 couples who signed up to be married at Seattle City Hall on Sunday.

Throughout Washington state hotels and restaurants are offering deals to bring in wedding business.

At Tulio, they are courting legally wed same sex couples to have a celebration dinner at the restaurant. If a couple brings a marriage certificate they can receive a French 74 cocktail on the house.

Also in the spirit of R74, Hotel Vintage Park is offering just married same sex couples a $74 room rate.

It's an amazing thing to tap into the gay communities' money, said Hopkins.

Lynn added, it's tremendous and it's expected because this is historic.

This couple welcomes the attention because they say they want to share their a day.

For it to be finally fair, it is so thrilling, said Hopkins.

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