A Seattle man accused of plotting a terror attack has reached a plea bargain on the eve of what could have been a damaging court hearing.

Late Thursday afternoon, Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif admitted to conspiring to murder recruits and federal employees at a military processing center in south Seattle. The plea agreement calls for a prison sentence of no longer than 19 years.

Last week, KING 5 reported that a federal judge recommended the government remove the two prosecutors on the case.

On Friday, the court had scheduled a hearing to determine why a police detective destroyed nearly 400 emails from the confidential informant in the case. The court has now canceled that hearing.

Abdul-Latif s defense lawyers claimed the detective's action amounted to destruction of evidence, and planned to call the two prosecutors as witnesses.

In June 2011, the FBI said Abdul-Latif and another man bought guns from the confidential informant and planned to gun down service members at the Military Entrance Processing Station in Seattle.

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