A coyote crossed the paths of two Seattle construction workers three times in one day.

We were like, why is this thing popping up everywhere we are? said Justin Sticka.

I guess you never know what you'll see in Seattle, added his coworker Josh Kapele.

The two were working on a playground project in Volunteer Park on Capital Hill Wednesday morning when they saw the coyote roaming through their work site.

We had seen him over at the arboretum and at the Washington Park playfield that same day, said Kapele. It took me aback.

There are about 50,000 coyotes in Washington state, many of them living in urban areas. What makes the one on Capital Hill so concerning is that it appears sick and has been approaching people and pets in the park.

If it's sick, you have no idea what it has and if it bites you...It doesn't sound good to me, said Amanda Stenman, who was on a run with a pet Husky in the park.

Because of the proximity to people and parks, and the fact that the coyote isn't acting normally, federal wildlife workers are planning to shoot it. Those who have seen the coyote, however, say it's more weak than wily, looking ill, old and mangey.

The minute we went up there it ran away, said Kapele. I think it was just sick and scared, you know.

Yeah, added Sticka, like he was just looking for a way out of the city.

Still, the hunt is on, wildlife officials with the USDA taking no chances in what's considered by some Seattle's Central Park. Shooting the animal is a move they believe will keep the coyote from suffering and humans from getting hurt.

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