SEATTLE -- Casting is underway for Norway's most popular reality TV show. While that may not sound like a big deal, someone from Seattle has been on the show every year so far.

Josh Svare starred in Alt for Norge -- or The Great Norway Adventure -- last year. The show, which is a competition, gives Americans with Norwegian heritage a chance to experience the country.

Norwegians just love seeing normal Americans come to their country and just be floored by the beauty of it,' Svare said.

Doug Miner was cast the previous season and actually won the competition, taking home the grand prize: a chance to meet long-lost Norwegian relatives.

Miner returned last year to revisit those relatives.

It's really weird thinking about being a celebrity, but yes, walking down the street in some of the bigger cities ... people would come up and say hi and ask to take a photograph,' Miner said.

Svare got to the semi-finals during his season but did not win. Still, he has already returned to Norway twice this year and spent time with long-lost relatives.

I'm obsessed with Norway, you can ask all of my friends, Svare said. They're probably sick of hearing me talk about it.

Each of the show's three seasons has featured one Seattle cast member. Casting is now underway for the fourth season. You can find information on how to apply here:


Casting agents also visited Seattle a few months ago to look for participants for another show -- a dating program called 'Sons of Norway. At least one person from Seattle was cast for that show, which is in the middle of filming.

I think it's wonderful, said Bjarne Varnes, president of Ballard's Leif Erikson Lodge. It's good exposure for Norway and Ballard.

Varnes even thought about auditioning for a show.

Yeah, they came here and they said, 'Well, we didn't realize you were that old,' he said with a laugh.

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