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A trumpeter swan found injured in the pharmacy drive-through at the Mill Creek Fred Meyer store was shot, Sarvey Wildlife Care Center says.

Sarvey is caring for the swan, which came to them with no visible wounds from buckshot. It was discovered when they did an x-ray.

They say they can't tell if it's old or new buckshot, but three pieces appear to be lodged in different locations in the bird's body.

Sarvey says the swan was wearing a tracking collar when it was found with bloodied feet, and it's possible that the bird was recently shot, leading to the condition it was in when it was discovered.

Sarvey is working with the Trumpeter Swan Society to help the swan.

Trumpeter swans are protected by both state and federal law. Anyone with information about the shooting is urged to contact the Department of Fish & Wildlife at 425-775-1311.

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