Bouncy Balls are showing up in Kirkland and creating health concerns for pets.

Twice a day the last few months, David Lamb searches five blocks near his home for the balls.

My first reaction was, hey, this is like an Easter egg hunt, said Lamb.

So far, he s found hundreds.

Curious pets are picking them up too. A neighborhood dog choked on one.

They got the ball out in time to save the dog s life, but the dog will never bark again, said Lamb.

Veterinarians say the bright colors and shape of the bouncy balls attract animals.

Some dogs really like balls a lot so they re going to go after those things, said Dr. Mark O Hanlon, owner of Animal Emergency Service.

If untreated, animals ingesting them could die.

The Bouncy Balls come from a pinball machine inside a Little Caesar s up the hill. For a quarter, people that find a specially marked Bouncy Ball get an order of free Crazy Bread.

Lamb says the unwanted ones end up in the parking lot, on the street and in storm drains.

Owner Jesse DeGroff is now posting signs on the windows and on the machine warning people to be cautious to not litter the balls around the community. DeGroff has created a new program to help with the situation. People will now get an order of free Crazy Bread for 6 non-winning Bouncy Balls.

Let s hope it works, let s wait and see, said Lamb.

Lamb didn t find any Bouncy Balls this time. He hopes he doesn t have to anymore.

It s such a silly silly thing, it s such a silly silly thing but this is not a small thing, he said.

DeGroff says he ll keep the pinball machine, but pledges to pick up any stray Bouncy Balls he sees each night.

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