Shortly after Danford Grant's arrest outside a North Seattle massage studio after a string of alleged rapes, police began trying to find his car.

Court documents indicate they thought packets of condoms and the knife he allegedly used in the attacks on five massage therapists could be inside.

Police didn't realize it, but the car was still at the scene. Three days after his arrest, Grant's wife, Jennifer -- a Supervising Assistant City Prosecutor -- moved the car to an intersection closer to the family's Wedgwood neighborhood home, allegedly to keep an eye on it. It sat there for three weeks before investigators had access to it.

The attorney for Dan Grant says Jennifer moved the car to keep it from being broken into and didn t bring it home because she was under siege by the media.

There were constantly cameras outside, said attorney Richard Hansen. Every time she came and went people were trying to interview her. It was basically just for her privacy.

While she was in her husband's car, however, Jennifer Grant took a key card that gave her access to her husband's law office. That same day, she came to the office building and used that card to go inside. It turns out, though, it s the same building that houses her husband's attorney.

Richard Hansen says while Jennifer Grant may have met with her husband s former colleagues, she was there to meet with his legal team. Hansen says she used the garage key card so could park inside the downtown high rise s garage, and avoid the hassle of finding a spot on the street.

When asked if she removed anything from the car, tampered with or destroyed evidence Hansen replied, absolutely not.

KING 5 News has learned Grant's laptop was in the car, and it has been seized as evidence. Hansen says that should be proof that Grant s wife has done nothing wrong.

Once the police finish searching the car I think it will be obvious to everyone there are things that could've been removed that weren't.

Eventually Jennifer Grant worked through an attorney to turn the car over to investigators.

On Wednesday, the City Attorney s Office released a statement, saying As a result of the information that recently came to light, Supervising Assistant City Prosecutor Jennifer Grant has been reassigned to responsibilities that do not entail courtroom prosecutorial work. Although there has been absolutely no indication of an active criminal investigation, we felt it prudent to temporarily reassign her duties. It is extremely important that we continue to maintain the appearance of integrity here at the Seattle City Attorney s Office.

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