A warning from the Washington Secretary of State's office: Voters should beware of people going door to door collecting ballots.

North Bend homeowner Steve McDonald said he thought it was a trick-or-treater at the door on Wednesday.

But when he answered, the two young men at his door said they were with the Republican Party and asked if they could deliver his ballot.

I just found it strange someone would show up on my doorstep wanting to take my ballot from me, said McDonald. There was one thing alarming, they didn't show any credentials.

It happened to Republican voter Jaime Oberg, who didn't hand over his ballot to the strangers. Oberg said he told them, Thank you, but I'll take care of it myself.

The King County Republican Party said it has 50 teams door-belling in the eastern part of King County. The teams are targeting Republican voters, helping them cast their ballots.

Republican Party Chair Lori Sotelo said, Every person out there has identification. I don't know why they weren't asked for it. If they were with us, they had I.D.

Representatives from the Washington Secretary of State's office and King County Elections say collecting ballots is legal. But neither office recommended giving a ballot to a stranger.


Check out's election guide for information on ballot dropoff locations in our viewing area.

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