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LITTLEROCK, Wash. -- Keith Miles, 25, was shot and killed by a Thurston County Sheriff deputy Friday when deputies said he swung a pool cue repeatedly at them.
A taser was first used on the man, but it didn't stop him, according to Lt. Greg Elwin of the Thurston County Sheriff's Department.
He kept coming, Elwin said.
One deputy slipped and fell and Miles allegedly tried to hit him in the head with the pool cue before another deputy shot him.
Everything seems to point to this was a necessary use of force, Elwin said. Deadly force was being used against our deputies and they responded appropriately.
There were indications at the scene that drugs or alcohol may have been a factor, according to Elwin.
Robert and Kim Miles, Keith's parents, said deputies over-reacted.
You d think that he d killed somebody, you d think that he robbed a bank or something, but he broke a window, said Kim Miles.
Her son was caught on surveillance camera at the Littlerock Grocery Store. The footage shows him smashing store windows just before 2:30 Friday morning.
Someone reported it. Deputies were dispatched there to investigate a burglary, but Miles fled. They tracked his white truck to his parents' house about two miles away on the 12400 block of Waddell Creed Road Southwest.
When they arrived, two deputies walked up the driveway to investigate. Kim Miles was outside and confronted them, according to Lt. Elwin.
She was a little argumentative with our deputies, Elwin said.
While deputies talked with her, Elwin said Keith Miles emerged from the house swinging the pool cue.
One deputy fired a taser and stumbled, causing him to fall down. Elwin said at that point, the suspect, unaffected by the taser, tried to hit the deputy in the head with the pool cue. The second deputy fired a single shot.
It was completely wrong. It was completely wrong. That was not justified, said Kim Miles.
Robert Miles added, there s so many things that could have been done where he would still be alive. It doesn t make sense to me at all.
Miles' parents said their son had been on anti-anxiety medication recently. They believe he mixed the medicine with alcohol and that had an impact on his behavior Friday morning.
The deputy who shot the suspect has not been identified. Elwin said he is 34-years-old, has been with the Thurston County Sheriff's Department for six years and is a former member of the military.
The Lewis County Sheriff's Office will conduct an investigation into the shooting.
Littlerock is located about 14 miles southwest of Olympia.
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