SEATTLE -- Two straight weekends of violent robberies has Seattle Police putting extra focus on the U-District this weekend. At least five people have been attacked so far, pistol-whipped and robbed while walking home late at night.

While police arrested someone in connection with the attacks on Monday, it s believed other suspects are still out there.

Everyone kind of mentions it, said Adriann Dahl, student.

Dahl lives around the corner from the most recent attack on the 5600 block of 16th Avenue NE. For now, she s only walking on well-lit streets with lots of people around. The UW student is also prepared if she feels threatened.

I ll put my hands in my pocket grab my keys in between my knuckles, if I had to hit somebody there would be another blunt object there to help, said Dahl.

The attackers are targeting people walking home late at night; in some cases victims are intoxicated. Last week, 2 people were attacked by men that jumped out from behind bushes. A week before that, three people were victimized in a span of 30 minutes. Residents notice the extra police presence.

More police driving by on cars, bike cops, in the park talking to people more, said Michael Olejar.

Doormen at bars are doing their part too.

Ask them do you have a friend here, is there somebody that knows where you need to go just pretty much make sure they re not walking home alone, said Russell Ebert of Royal Booze & Burritos.

Dahl says to be safe, people should be smart.

Gotta have your own back, gotta be aware, she said.

Police say expect higher visibility and more resources focused on the U-district through the weekend.
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