Washington's candidates for governor meet in their highest-profile debate Thursday night in Seattle.

The debate between Democrat Jay Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna will begin at 9 p.m., shortly after the conclusion of the vice presidential debate.

You can watch the debate live on or, as well as on TVon KING 5, Northwest Cable News, KOMO, KIROand KCPQ.

The candidates will be questioned by a panel of reporters and anchors, including KING 5'sJean Enersen, Dan Lewis from KOMO, Angela Russell from KIRO, and C.R. Douglas from KCPQ.

A final debate, co-sponsored by The Seattle Times and KING 5, will be held on October 16 following the second presidential debate.

Polls indicate that the race remains competitive. A KING 5 poll on October 2 showed Inslee with a six-point advantage over McKenna.

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