Washington state voter registration for the upcoming general election ends at midnight Monday, and King County elections officials are encouraging people to get online before it's too late.

New Washington residents can still register in person until eight days before the Nov. 6 election.

With the deadline for most voters on Monday, elections officials said many voters were able to be assisted online.

The technology does make a difference, said King County Elections Director Sherill Huff, We re able to address a variety of issues for people to allow them to vote in this election.

Huff said voters will notice new quirks with the 2012 general election. Chiefly, last minute voters may not be able to use the post office on Election Day, since hours have been reduced. Voters can no longer vote in person, except in rare circumstances. Officials expect a ballot box rush on Election Day, similar to what was seen in 2008, when many boxes were overflowing.

Voters are encouraged to avoid procrastinating with their mail-in ballot and send it back early, to avoid a huge backlog. However, King County has hired extra office staff in advance of the election.

Once ballots are mailed out in about 10 days, voters can drop them off at these locations:

Island County

King County

Kitsap County

Pierce County

Snohomish County

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