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Sarvey Wildlife Care Center took in and cared for about 2,000 animals over the spring and summer this year - many of them orphaned or abandoned infants.

This year the animals included squirrels, owls, rabbits, birds and even a bobcat that was on the ground of the prison at Monroe and an owl that Jean Enersen helped rescue.

The Arlington-based center's mission is rescue, rehabilitate, and release.

Sarvey takes in about 4,000 animals every year - the majority of them coming in over the summer and spring - and about half are infants.

Sarvey provides educational programs for children and has the only wildlife ambulance service in the state of Washington, serving Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties. They have several pick-up locations spread throughout the Puget Sound region, so injured animals can be transported to Sarvey Wildlife quickly and safely, and be given the treatment and care they need.


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