Every one of us has days when we don t have a lot of energy. For some people, it takes a little extra effort to get going on most days. It can be tough to decide when it is time to go to the doctor to see what s really going on. Doctor Jerry Mixon from Longevity Medical Clinic came on today to help us figure out what s normal and when normal can actually be a problem.

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You can also call them: 1-866-86-YOUNG (1-866-869-6864)

Here's a list of upcoming Longevity seminars:

Bellevue: Saturday, October 13, 1:07pm at Bellevue Residence Inn

Tacoma: Saturday, October 13, 6:07pm at Pacific Grill and Events Center

Bellevue: Tuesday, October 16, 1:07pm at Bellevue Residence Inn

Lynnwood: Wednesday, October 17, 7:07pm at Lynnwood Convention Center

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