Bus riders in West Seattle say the changes to King County Metro routes are causing major problems as they try to move around Seattle.

Metro made major changes starting on Monday, but the main complaint from West Seattle is that buses are overcrowded, standing-room only or passing them by altogether.

Many riders say the buses were so overloaded on Monday and Tuesday that drivers were skipping stops altogether.

It was pretty bad, but it will probably get better...more runs or more buses, said Jason Blevins, a Metro bus rider.

Metro has said they plan to add two new Rapid Ride buses to alleviate the overcrowding.

Electronic signs with information about bus arrivals are finally working. Now riders will know exactly when the C-Line is scheduled to arrive.

We asked Metro what they are doing about the issues and what riders need to know. Here is their response:

Metro temporarily deployed two RapidRide additional buses, and also made a third additional trip to help carry passengers on Tuesday morning. That said, there also were a few temporary mechanical problems with buses on the route during the Tuesday morning commute, causing delays and additional overloads. Metro will have two additional buses available downtown for the RapidRide C and D lines during the Tuesday afternoon commute, and for the C line during the Wednesday morning commute. The additional buses are intended to be available in case of service disruptions due to mechanical problems, transit delays or reports of overcrowding or stops passed because a bus was too full.

Full buses might bypass stops if there is no more room for additional passengers. Metro drivers report and the Transit Control Center tracks these situations and when possible works to add available buses to the route to accommodate the demand.

Metro is tracking the issue of full buses on the C Line and working to address the issues. During these first few days of the new service, crowding and longer travel times might occur as riders, drivers and transit coordinators become familiar with the route and schedule. Other bus service in West Seattle is available through Metro s Trip Planner and noted in the attached document.

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