Tom Green pours his unique personality into pretty much every project he takes on, whether it's a movie, TV show or internet podcast. His latest endeavor puts him on the stand up comedy circuit, leading to his first TV special on Showtime. Tom's return to the stage has fans dubbing him Tom Green 2.0, as he leaps over the digital divide and embraces social media in his own quirky fashion.

Tom joined Margaret to talk about why he doesn't like Facebook but loves Twitter, how he enjoys stand up comedy and what fans can expect at his shows this weekend at Tacoma Comedy Club.

You can catch Tom tonight (8pm), tomorrow night (8pm/10pm) and Saturday night (8pm/10pm) at Tacoma Comedy Club. Click here for more information and to buy tickets. (NOTE: Saturday's 8pm show is nearly sold out)

For more information about Tom Green, click here.

Follow him on Twitter: @TomGreenLive

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