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A dead humpback whale found floating last week in a swimming pool in Australia has been chopped up and disposed of.

The tide pushed the 32-foot long, 30 ton whale's body up over the rocky beach and into the public salt-water pool north of Sydney. It's believed to have died at sea some days earlier.

Because a massive whale carcass could draw hungry sharks to the popular surfing beach, it could not be pushed back out into the ocean.

Crews with chainsaws and plastic suits worked for hours to remove the whale's body. It will be placed in a landfill, where it could take years to decompose, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Scientists don't yet know what caused the whale's death. Some injuries were visible on its body.

Over 1,000 people filled Newport Beach the day it was discovered, hoping to catch a view of the strange sight and snap a picture.

Just one day after the whale was found floating in the pool, crews revisited it to find the tide had carried it once more, this time onto the nearby sandy beachfront where it was later dissected.

H/T to NBC News Photo Blog, YouTube user gazcarr

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