With Ichiro trading jerseys and batting against his former teammates in a matter of a few hours this week, it's getting tough to tell the players without a scorecard.

In fact it's tough even with a scorecard. Wednesday s official program still listed Ichiro on the Mariners roster.

Wednesday was 9-year-old Luke Nagli s very first game at Safeco -- and he's watching his favorite players disappear before his eyes.

Well it was Ken Griffey, Jr. ... then it was Ichiro .... Felix Hernandez, he said.

So he still has Felix. Let's hope they don't trade him to the Yankees.

Ichiro's image will likely come down over the next week or so. Young Luke is reluctantly looking for a replacement in his heart.

Well, I kinda like him, but now he's on the Yankees, so I don't like him as much, he said.

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