SEATTLE- Marvin Richter used to wheel his garbage to the curb every week outside his tidy, West Seattle home. Now, under a pilot program launched by Seattle Public Utilities, his garbage will be picked up every other week.

I had to go to a bigger can, Richter said. Even then it was full to the top. Still, he says, every two weeks, this can, ought to be sufficient.

Sufficient, but more costly for Richter and his neighbors like Katherine Hawkinson, who says, We had to go up a size and now our bill is higher.

The city hopes that people will put more in their recycling and compost bins, rather than send trash to the landfill. Sending the trucks out every other week, can also cut down on costs, about $6.5 million a year says Brett Stev, with Seattle Public Utilities.

Many people are taking a wait and see attitude when it comes to the experiment, Stev said.

Hawkinson has waited long enough. She says the plan stinks.

The big issue for us is the smell, she said, We have a dog, we don t have a yard so we don t have a way to dispose of the dog doo. So getting it in the can and being able to tolerate the smell is tough.

The experiment runs through the end of the year in 4 neighborhoods.

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