The crash and boom of fireworks are a little scary for pets, especially those that are already a little skittish.

Regional Animal Services of King County is preparing for the 4th of July by teaching people to help families find their pets.

It's called Mission Reunite, and on Saturday they were training volunteers to help facilitate those reunions

Organizer say it's good to prepare for the holiday now by making sure your animals are tagged and microchipped - and plan on keeping them indoors

But even with those things, pets can still get away. The county says this area has a low rate of pet and owner reunions and they want to change that by giving pet owners support and strategies so they can bring dogs and cats home.

The information about how to look for a missing dog versus of how to look for a missing cat, giving them posters and tagging their car with lost dog information, just giving them the tools they need to find their missing pet, said Kat Albrecht, the founder of Missing Pets Partnership.

Albrecht says when they get scared dogs and cats do different things. Cats are more likely to run and hide somewhere near their home, possibly looking for shelter in a neighbors backyard, but dogs can run miles away and they ll often get picked up by somebody.

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