SEATTLE - For a dozen years, Terence McMillen has been in the mail delivery business.

I ve got somewhere around 600 stops, he said.

Usually the routine is the same, except on the second Saturday of May, that s when the blue plastic bags come out.

Once a year letter carriers go door-to-door collecting food to help the hungry.

We do it every year, said Claud Pifer, who donated food. People need help.

People like John Schram. On a tight budget, he and many others line up at a church for a hot bowl of soup, sometimes a sandwich too.

There s so much need on the food banks right now that there's not a lot left over, said Gina Marchesini, Trinity United Methodist Church

When donations dwindle, then they have to get creative to keep soup service going. That's why volunteers appreciate the extra work happening on Terence McMillen's route, and that's why this delivery day is a favorite.

The one day food drive typically collects more than 70 million pounds of food nationwide.

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