SEATTLE -- Hundreds of shoppers stood out in the rain early Thursday for the new grand opening of the downtown Seattle Nordstrom Rack at its new Westlake Center location.

The store didn't open until 9 a.m., but Nordstrom prelaunched the debut with a live funk band in Westlake Park and several giveaway prizes. A Nordstrom spokesperson said nearly 600 people stook in line, which started forming around 6 a.m.

Last week, the old Rack closed its Second Avenue and Pine Street location, where it's been for 25 years. It moves just one block away from the Nordstrom flagship store, into the basement of Westlake Center.

According to The Seattle Times, the new Rack is designed to make shopping faster and more convenience. Gone is the old shoe mate window, where customers wait in line for the other half of a pair. Now, shoe boxes are filled with both shoes.

The new Rack will also put 16 mobile checkout devices in the hands of clerks, to cut down on lines at registers. And there are 10 more dressing rooms than the old store.

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