PORT ORCHARD, Wash. The attorney for the 9-year-old boy who took a loaded gun to school that critically injured a classmate says the boy admits to amended charges in a deal with the prosecutor:

He will testify against his own mother - Jamie Lee Passmore - and her boyfriend Douglas Bauer, now accused of allowing him to have access to the gun during a weekend visit.

The couple is currently in Nevada at a NASCAR event.

On Tuesday, the young defendant quietly offered an apology to the victim's parents and to the court

I'm sorry, he said.

His uncle, Patrick Cochran, told the court he doesn't have a single gun in his home.

I just apologize to the family to the family. I wish I could do anything to take this away, he said.

Amina Bowman has gone through five surgeries. The bullet pierced several vital organs.

Her father doesn't disagree with the plea deal but says the boy should have known bringing the gun to school was wrong.

It's unfortunate but we can't make excuses for his circumstances, for his actions. That's totally unacceptable, said John Bowman.

In the end there is still an 8-year-old girl whose life and livelihood hangs in the balance and a 9-year-old boy who has to live with the guilt of his actions.

He's terrified she's going to die, and that's a lot for a 9-year-old boy, said the boy s attorney, Eric Makus.

The boy will be under department supervision for a year and have to go through 48 hours of counseling. He's not allowed to have contact with his mother or her boyfriend, who police plan to arrest when they return home from their NASCAR trip later this month.

Amina Bowman's parents released a statement Tuesday, saying As we sit in court, Amina continues to fight for her life. She faces a lifetime of medical and emotional problems because of the irresponsible actions of adults involved in the case at all levels. Amina's life has been forever altered, along with the rest of our family, due to the breakdown of a system that allows parents deemed unfit by the State to have unrestricted access to this student and his siblings.
As we continue to grapple with the circumstances of this tragedy, and as we search for justice for our daughter, we want everyone to know that their prayers, support, and acts of kindness towards our family continue to be appreciated more than you know.

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