At the Renton Ikea Performing Arts Center singers from the Seattle Women's Chorus are preparing for a party to celebrate the governor's anticipated signing of the same sex marriage bill into law.

Everytime they get on stage they're singing about equality, says Frank Stilwagner, who will be one of the voices from the men s chorus.

And for the first time, he and his partner Kurt are talking about things like hyphenated names and wedding destinations. But they realize there is still one major hurdle.

The ability to be the first state that passes marriage equality by vote, by the word of the people, said Stilwagner.

Those against gay marriage already have plans in place to get this issue to the voters.

Most church people in Washington state do not want to see gay marriage. And as it turns out that represents about 75 percent of the public, said Pastor Joe Fuiten of Cedar Park Church.

But Frank and Kurt are looking on the bright side. Tomorrow their voices will finally be heard. It's their next step towards marriage equality.

If gay and lesbian people are able to get married they'll be some great parties, said Frank.

An initiative would need more than 200,000 signatures from registered voters by July 6 to get on the November ballot. A repeal would need just over 100,000 by June 6.

The signature gathering process is expected to begin once the governor signs at 11:30 a.m. Monday.

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